Aung Hein Htet

I'm a Business Analyst and Developer, recognized for my adeptness in research, sales strategies, and system optimization. With top honours in Business Information Technology and a comprehensive MBA, I bring a blend of practical expertise and academic excellence to get the impactful business solutions.
I'm an experienced professional specializing in business analysis and development, currently excelling as a Business Analyst and Business Developer at Look Social Co. Ltd. I'm well-known for my skills in conducting insightful research, implementing effective sales strategies, and improving system efficiency. I have a strong background in efficiently creating important documents and enhancing Youtrack. In my previous role at Layline Sayar, I managed projects and gained expertise in various tools, web development, problem-solving, and successful project management. I use these skills to drive effective business solutions and ensure the success of every project I work on.
My educational journey reflects a commitment to excellence in the field of business. I hold top honors in Business Information Technology, a testament to my dedication and proficiency in the subject. Building on this foundation, I completed a comprehensive MBA, further enriching my understanding of strategic business management. These academic achievements not only equipped me with theoretical knowledge but also instilled practical skills essential for navigating the complexities of the business landscape.

Case Study

Case Study One -

Backpacks is the successful outdoor gear store selling shop from both online and offline. The company want to renew to its E-commerce site for customer convenient and the sale generate.

Case Study Two -

A quiz size of subdomain of; mainly focus on simple UX design using UCD, User Personas and Questionaries Methods, drew with Figma and developed with WordPress + Elementor

Case Study Three - Coyote Logo

Startup Clothing Company want to make their business braining into the vibe of youth and lusty with the symbol of Coyote Fox

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