Aung Hein Htet

Case Study of Coyote Logo Design Project

As a start-up business, Coyote group have neither a brand identity nor a brand strategy. So I told them to create a brand strategy before launching their business. The good thing is that they have their own mission and visions. Below is the brief process of this case study.
  1. Requirement Analysis Analysis of their brand, mission and vision, and pull out keywords after meeting
  2. Define Design Define colour palette and typography
  3. Make Design Draw three alternative logos based on their needs and brand
  4. Design Evolution How final design was made from the real Coyote photo, showing the use of the golden ratio, making a black and white version to show the logo has colour harmony
  5. Mock Up Add mock-up based on their future usage to the logo; clothing, label tag and business card
Used Software: Google Meeting, Affinity Designer, Asana, Apple Page