Aung Hein Htet

Branding Yu Yu US Collection

I recently had the opportunity to work with Yu Yu US collection, a fashion retail company for their Facebook cover picture. As a freelance graphic designer, I was excited to help bring their vision to life. I created a clean and modern layout for the collection page that showcases the company’s products in a visually […]

Adidas Shoes Sale at Three Sisters

As a freelance designer, I had the opportunity to work with Three Sisters on their Christmas and New Year sale of Adidas shoes. The sale featured discounted prices on a wide range of shoes for the whole family, including running shoes, sneakers, and more. I created promotional materials for the sale, including a Facebook post […]

Layline Sayar: Facebook Post Collection

As a freelance designer, I had the opportunity to work with Layline Sayar on the design of their Facebook posts. This included creating promotional posts for sales and other special events, as well as posts that shared useful knowledge or information with the company’s followers. One of the challenges of designing for Facebook is creating […]

Yu Yu US Collection: ESTÉ LAUDER Retail Sale Post

The client wanted to make the sale post, however, she also wanted to educate “Why” people should buy this product. So she made me research the product, highlight the benefits of the product, and then made me design the social media post.

Knowledge Sharing Content and Design: Facebook Post Collection

“Yu Yu US Collection” Facebook Page is a small business in Myanmar and a regular client of mine. The owner wants to make Facebook Posts about Knowledge Sharing to get their followers’ engagement. So she asked me to do a simple, yet clear design with short-to-point or summarised contents.